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Fuel Pump Repair Kit Honda 420-500-520 14-24


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- Meets or exceeds OEM quality.
- Comes ready for plug-and-play installation
- Economical solution for restoring lost performance or non-performing fuel pump
- Includes all necessary components to rebuild the OEM fuel pump module
- Includes necessary pump, filter, hose(s), clamp(s) and wiring harness as necessary per model.
- Features upgrades that improve on the OEM design.
- Gradient density fuel strainer for superior contaminant filtration..
- Compatible with E5/10.
- Upgraded Polmers, brushes and commutators ensure long life and durability in multiple fuel blends.
- Direct OEM drop-in replacement assembly.

TRX420 FA IRS-20,
TRX420 FA Solid Axle 14-20,
TRX420 FE 14-20,
TRX420 FM 14-20,
TRX420 TE 14-20,
TRX420 TM 14-20,
TRX500FA 15-19,
TRX500FE 14-19,
TRX500FM IRS 15-19,
TRX500FM Solid Axle 14-19,
TRX520FA 20, T
TRX520FM IRS 20,
TRX520FM Solid Axle 20
Pioneer 1000 16-20,
Pioneer 1000 DELUXE 20,
Pioneer 1000 LIMITED 17-19,
Pioneer 1000-5 16-20,
Pioneer 1000-5 DELUXE 16-20,
Pioneer 1000-5 LIMITED 17-20,
Pioneer 500 15-20,
Pioneer 700 14-20,
Pioneer 700 DELUXE 17-20,
Pioneer 700-4 14-20,
Pioneer 700-4 DELUXE 17-20

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